MH101 success

How we're making a difference

MH101 has made a significant impact on those who attend. Workshop participants have more confidence to reach out and support others – and the tools to do so. They better understand the experience of mental illness and how to respond in a helpful and appropriate way. This leads to better outcomes for people with experience of mental illness – and better outcomes for New Zealand communities.

Our programme evaluation results

After MH101, participants are more confident about their ability to respond to someone experiencing mental illness.


93 per cent of participants rated the course content, presentation and delivery as excellent or very good.


78 per cent of participants said the course provided the information they wanted.


88 per cent of participants feel confident or very confident that they know how to keep themselves mentally well – a key outcome and objective of the programme.


leave feeling either confident or very confident that they could recognise signs and symptoms of anxiety.


feel more confident to provide support to clients, customers and colleagues in their workplace.


feel more confident having a courageous conversation with someone whose mental wellbeing they are concerned about.


feel more confident supporting someone who may be suicidal.


are more confident that they know when to suggest different types of mental health support options.


leave feeling either confident or very confident that they could recognise signs and symptoms of substance use disorder.

Impact in the workplace

Our evaluations show that the MH101 workshop has a positive impact on the workplace. Participants know how to work alongside people or clients with mental health issues and learn how others deal with similar situations. They are able to recognise possible mental illness and subsequent client issues arising from this.

They have a greater understanding around mental health issues and are more confident in referring people to other support options. Managers tell us that the course leads to a more supportive and caring workplace.

The day following this workshop our admin staff member was faced with a person in real distress. She and the rest of our staff handled the entire situation seamlessly, thanks to the training we had all attended the day before. It's great to see our learning in action...

Participant, Special Education.

Impact on personal life

MH101 participants leave the workshop knowing how important it is to look after themselves and others, particularly in times of stress.

Nearly half of all participants say they have increased their exercise, either through walking or joining a gym to keep healthy. They understand the importance of taking ‘me’ time and take steps to make it happen. They have more confidence in recognising and responding to mental health issues that were occurring in their home lives.

Participants are more confident about finding strategies to cope with, and support, a family member who is experiencing mental illness.