Read what others have said about MH101

This is the most incredible training I have ever attended in my entire policing career.

New Zealand Police participant

This has given me more confidence to deal with any person’s situation that I come up against.

Citizens Advice Bureau participant

I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of this workshop. I was moved by the stories that were disclosed by the facilitators and by some of my colleagues. It has definitely opened my eyes to a better understanding of mental illness. I intend to utilise what I learnt and apply it to my everyday dealings with my clients who are suffering from anxiety, depression, psychosis and addiction. I will always be mindful of the fact that I am not a qualified medical professional and there will be times that my intervention may not be welcome by some clients but I will always show them respect and be very supportive.

Work and Income participant

Good to have mental health described in simple non-medical terms. Was really suitable to audience.

Fonterra participant

Having never worked in mental health before I had no confidence about the aspect that some of my clients may have/had forms of mental health. How would I deal with it, cope, where to go. This course has reassured me and given me the confidence that I can manage recognising / responding / relating.

Work and Income youth provider

The workshop was a wonderful surprise, I didn't expect to find that the subject matter was so relevant, not only to work but to my personal life as well.

Ministry of Education Integrated Attendance Service

The facilitators were awesome, they created a warm sharing environment where participants felt comfortable to talk and share. Facilitators were culturally sensitive and we felt a great sense of love and respect for them.

Pasifika Youth Workers participant

Both presenters were excellent - especially the fact the [facilitator] was a farmer and could relate to our farming situations. She came across as human and has 'been there'. They both used humour at appropriate times, which let everyone relax.

Participant, Dunedin workshop

I was amazed by the overall coverage of common mental health issues for Far North. The relevance to Maori and use of Mason Durie's approaches in underpinning format of resources as well as the bio lessons that reinforced and added depth to the day's learning.

Participant, Kaitaia workshop

The personal experiences from [the facilitator] were just fantastic and as Maori practitioners in the Department of Corrections there is a direct link to those stories for some of our men. The stats were fascinating as well, particularly with age and gender of the specific symptoms.... really learnt a lot as a group from the content provided.

Participant, Turangi workshop

I found the group sessions very interesting especially on specific cases we were given to discuss. Through these discussions I was able to listen and learn from the experiences of the various participants on some of the mental health issues that we as Pacific people need to address.

Pasifika Youth Workers workshop participant

I appreciated the honesty of the facilitator in sharing with us what he had gone through for a number of years in the mental institution. His sharing of the pain of isolation and being stigmatised and the ignorance of the parents because of the fear of being labelled as failures in their parental care, mean a lot to me as a participant.

Pasifika Youth Workers workshop participant

Very well delivered. Good to see an industry driven (rural) workshop and [that the facilitators were] from that industry, as well as somebody with real life experiences.

Rural workshop, Winton