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September 2017 newsletter - Hearing the Stories of Change

14 September 2017

At the end of 2016, we undertook a Stories of Change research project where you shared with us your stories of change from attending MH101. These stories are amazing! Read a selection of the stories.   More

April 2017 newsletter - Mental health: don't want to talk about it?

4 April 2017

There are many reasons why people don’t want to talk about their mental health, especially when they’re not doing so well. For some, it’s a place that’s too hard to go to, or they’re afraid of burdening others with their distress. For others, it’s possibly about not having the words to express how they feel or being unsure about how it will be received. Despite…  More

November 2016 newsletter - Resilience during testing times - exams and the holiday season

9 November 2016

Resilience? I know I put it somewhere... Resilience is one of those tricky little life things – we all know we need it and we all want to have it. But resilience can be really hard to find beneath the joys of work deadlines, unexpected bills, relationship troubles, your kids not sleeping at night and the failure to write that best-seller that’s going to bring you financial security and…  More

July 2016 newsletter - Mindfulness not your cup of tea?

20 July 2016

So over mindfulness? It would seem that every magazine, wellbeing app or health conversation today advocates the need to practice mindfulness. Add it to the call for rhythmic breathing exercises, yoga, keeping fit and healthy, reducing your carbon footprint, using Himalayan rock salt and spending your weekend fermenting enough gut-friendly food for the upcoming week and it all seems too much. Seriously,…  More

March 2016 newsletter - Get 'appy

31 March 2016

Autumn is one of our most beautiful seasons It's a good time of year to get outside and refuel your batteries Autumn is one of our most beautiful seasons, with leaves changing colour, amazing skies at night and still the occasional warm evening to spend refuelling your batteries before the chill of winter sets in. One of the best ways to stay well is to take control of your mental health. The wellbeing…  More