Stories of change


I may not have been able to change his benefit rate. I may not have been able to offer him a job. I couldn’t help him or his family with their health issues. But I could listen and let him know that I cared. 

Prior to MH101 I struggled to deal with suicide calls due to my own personal experiences and because these calls also tend to be lengthy. I often felt pressure around the fact that there were other clients waiting to have their calls answered and I was not helping them - as happens in the call centre industry.



It seemed strange in the training but when I was faced with it in reality, it made sense...

I received a call from someone who was in a really bad space and made comments of self-harm.

I felt that I was better prepared to handle this situation following the MH101 training.  



I didn’t feel the same returning from parental leave…

I recently returned to work from parental leave.  It was a hard transition and I didn’t quite feel the same as I did after returning with my previous children. I felt somewhat low and that I couldn’t quite handle the pressure of being a working mum. I didn’t think I was as motivated as I was previously.  



I can now speak up and value myself…

I am very grateful for the training I attended – it truly has changed my life!  



It was life-changing. I have more tools in my kete..both for me and my clients..

Louise described the MH101 workshop as life changing and one of the most educational workshops she has attended in a long time. She explained that this change was apparent both in her practice and personally.