It’s important to maintain balance in your life in order to keep yourself mentally well.

Te Whare Tapa Whā

A simple way to understand the four main areas of mental health is the Te Whare Tapa Wha model and the four cornerstones of health as understood by Maori. 

The symbol of the wharenui or house, with its strong foundations and four equal sides, illustrates the four dimensions of wellbeing. If one dimension is missing or in some way damaged, a person may become ‘unbalanced’ and subsequently unwell.

Stress and vulnerability

How we respond to stress is determined by many factors: how well we use coping strategies, our current physical health status or the support we have from families and friends. If our everyday stress is already high then we are more at risk of becoming overwhelmed when faced with further stress.

Find out what you can do to become more resilient.

Tips for wellbeing

Maintaining mental health or wellbeing is important to everyone. We each do this differently, however there are some clear strategies that are known to assist in supporting our wellbeing. This in turn reduces our chances of becoming mentally unwell.

Learn some useful tips for reducing your everyday stress and increasing your resiliance.